Iron Gods

What's happening

The goings on of Iadenveigh

Hello. My name is Val Baine and do I have a story for you…

We’re in Iadenveigh. It’s a little weird town that seems self-sufficient. They’re all super religious worshipers of Erastil, so they don’t really like technology. But Red Fang, one of the leaders agreed to help us find some ruins under their town if we proved our trustworthiness.

One task was checking in on a farmer who tended to cry wolf (don’t tell Veera I used that phrase). He was wasn’t wrong about the monster messing with his farm this time. Unfortunately, it ate him. But we took care of it, and Red Fang gave us our next task – Finding the spy in the town.

A hunter found a silver bird flying from the city. It had a message for the Technic League inside it. We were able to find the traitor, a Varisian woman named Ilarris Zeleshi. She was sending messages about the ruins we were going to investigate.

So far, they’ve been a little scary, but nothing too serious. I guess we’ll see when we get further in. Hopefully they’re dryer…


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