Iron Gods

What's happening
The goings on of Iadenveigh

Hello. My name is Val Baine and do I have a story for you…

We’re in Iadenveigh. It’s a little weird town that seems self-sufficient. They’re all super religious worshipers of Erastil, so they don’t really like technology. But Red Fang, one of the leaders agreed to help us find some ruins under their town if we proved our trustworthiness.

One task was checking in on a farmer who tended to cry wolf (don’t tell Veera I used that phrase). He was wasn’t wrong about the monster messing with his farm this time. Unfortunately, it ate him. But we took care of it, and Red Fang gave us our next task – Finding the spy in the town.

A hunter found a silver bird flying from the city. It had a message for the Technic League inside it. We were able to find the traitor, a Varisian woman named Ilarris Zeleshi. She was sending messages about the ruins we were going to investigate.

So far, they’ve been a little scary, but nothing too serious. I guess we’ll see when we get further in. Hopefully they’re dryer…

What's Happening?
A summary of the first two parts

Hello, my name is Val Baine, and I have a story to tell you…

So, my brother Arty left our home in Torch to go be a big damn hero somewhere south of us. While he was gone, I was left in charge of my dad’s tavern. He was only supposed to be gone a day searching into why the light on the Hill went out. He’s done it plenty of time, but this time he didn’t come out.

I stayed home until Arty came back with several more people with him. There was an Android name Kairas, a Star Reader named Zailka and a she-wolf named Veera who had an adorable wolf pup named Chop Licker. Arty and his group decided to go look for Khonnor under the mountain.

And boy did they find him. Him and a bunch of robots trying to scrap them into parts. One in particular seemed to be running the shots under the mountain. Her name was Meyanda, who was a worshiper of the Iron God Hellion (but we’ll get to that a bit later). She was taking the energy from the Torch and transmitting it to someplace far away, but Arty, Veera, Zailka and Kairas were able to bring the torch back.

Khonnor studied the machine and was able to tell the group that the transitions were being sent to Scrapwall to the east. So everyone agreed that they needed to go to Scrapwall to find out who was behind sending Meyanda to harvest all our town’s energy.

Of course I couldn’t let them do it all by their selves. So I followed them and no one noticed me until we were too far away from home to send me back.

We decided to stop at a fortress just on the other side of the Sullen River from Scrapwall. Unfortunately, it had been taken over by Smilers, a crazy faction from Scrapwall. We were able to save the last four survives of the fortress, though and they were very thankful. They explained that this is the first time that a group from Scrapwall has tried to take over the fortress. They thought it might have something to do with a new leader uniting the thugs of Scrapwall calling himself Hellion, an Iron God.

Hellion ran a group called the Lords of Rust. Meyanda was one of them. Apparently most of the other factions (the Smilers, the Hawks and the Redtooths) were trying to impress Hellion and win his favor. Less on the last two, actually. The Hawks were cool enough, but the Redtooths were super awesome! They were run by an awesome rat person named Redtooth. She even asked us to save her brother from the Smilers.

Along the way, we met Dinvaya (we all call her “Div”), who agreed to help us take down Hellion. She refused to call Hellion an Iron God. She said he was a false god.

Now, I don’t know about all of that (you see, I’m not very religious), but what I do know is that Hellion was formed from the AI Unity. Hellion didn’t like how Unity treated him, so he somehow managed to escape searching for something that could defeat his “parent” stuck in the Silver Mountain. He wasn’t strong enough to do it on his own, but he found a digger under Scrapwall and decided that turning it into a body for him would be enough. He needed more power than what he had to power the digger, which is why he sent Meyanda to Torch.

He wasn’t too happy to learn we stopped her.

Just like we stopped him. Ha! That’s what he gets.

But before we took care of him, we learned that he had a sister who was an android named Cassandalee, who he believed was dead under the town of Iadenveigh. He believed that he could harvest her memories to find some sort of weakness to use against Unity.

So Iadenveigh is our next stop. Because if Unity had that big machine guy scared, chances are, it’s not going to be friendly with us.

Wish us luck!


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